Bradley A. Connor, MD, FACP, FIDSA, AGA-F, FRCPS (GLAS)


Bradley A. Connor, M.D. is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College and Attending Physician at the New York Presbyterian Hospital.  He is founder and Medical Director of the New York Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine, a facility devoted to patient care, teaching and research in travel and tropical medicine. Dr. Connor has been in the private practice of Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine for the past 30 years.

His main research interests include chronic gastrointestinal disorders in returned travelers, gastrointestinal pathogens, and emerging infectious disease surveillance. He was part of the Kathmandu, Nepal team that first described the clinical illness associated with Cyclospora infection and made subsequent contributions to the understanding of its pathogenesis, epidemiology, and treatment. Widely published in these fields, he is co-editor of the textbook Travel Medicine, now in its 4th edition, and author of over 200 publications.

Dr. Connor was the Co-Chair of the ISTM Foundation and CDC sponsored Travelers’ Diarrhea Consensus Conference, held in April 2016. New guidelines for the diagnosis and management of Travelers’ Diarrhea were developed during this conference and the proceedings were published in April 2017.

This was the first international Consensus Conference on this subject in over a decade and was prompted by the availability of new culture independent diagnostics such as Film Array and the growing awareness of the potential for acquisition of multi-drug resistant bacteria as a result of travel and the use of antibiotics. Dr. Connor has been the author of the sections on Travelers’ Diarrhea and Persistent Diarrhea in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Health Information for International Travel “Yellow Book” for the past twelve years

Dr. Connor is Past President of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) an organization of over 4000 physicians and allied health professionals in over 75 countries. He is a consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has been part of the Health Information for International Travel working group in the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine since 1997. He is the New York City site director for GeoSentinel, the emerging infectious diseases network of the CDC and ISTM. Dr. Connor played a role in the New York City Department of Health response to influenza H5N1 in 1998 and served as an advisor to the oil and gas industry around the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014. Dr. Connor was a member of the task force on Travel Medicine at the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2003. Dr. Connor serves as a consultant to the White House Medical Unit and is an advisor in Travel Medicine for the U.S. Olympic Swim Team.


Dr. Connor is currently involved in activities related to the COVID-19 Pandemic including testing and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 patients as well as serving as Principal Investigator in a biomarker study to prognosticate outcome in newly diagnosed COVID patients. He has been providing Pandemic response advice and counsel to several major corporations including Teneo for whom he serves as a Senior Medical Advisor, as well as Major League Soccer (MLS), Equinox, LionTree LLC, Rudin Management, the Professional Golf Association (PGA), Nima Capital, MTS Health Partners, Schulte, Roth & Zabel, LLP, MGM International and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) with a focus on business continuity, mitigation measures and return to work planning.

Dr. Connor is a Fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA-F), Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America (FIDSA) and was awarded Fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow) FFTM, FRCPS.