Melinda Loveless, MD
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UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education Course Name: Course Date: 3/14/18 FACULTY BIOGRAPHICAL DATA FORM First Name Middle Initial Last Name Melinda S Loveless Degrees MD School or Institutional Affiliation University of Washington Email Daytime Phone FAX 206-744-0401 Other Affiliations for listing in publicity (e.g. Director, Stroke Research Center) Permanent Mailing Address (home address if you are receiving honoraria for this talk) Box Number 325 9th Ave 359721 City State/Country Zip Seattle WA 98104 Social Security Number and citizenship status (provide only if you are receiving honoraria for this talk) TITLE & OBJECTIVES: Fill this portion out for each lecture you are providing. Title of your lecture: Review of Lower Extremity: Foot & Ankle Objectives of your lecture: 1. Review foot and ankle anatomy 2. Review common pathology of foot and ankle 3. Identify high risk injuries of foot and ankle RETURN TO: CME Office 4333 Brooklyn Avenue NE | Box 359558| Seattle, WA 98195 206.534.1050 |