Emily Ruedinger, MD


Emily Ruedinger, MD is an Adolescent Medicine physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington. Dr. Ruedinger’s current clinical work involves caring for adolescents with eating disorders, behavioral health challenges, weight management concerns, and reproductive and gynecological health issues.  Her academic interests are in curriculum development, particularly around topics of cognitive bias and diagnostic error.  Dr. Ruedinger has a degree in education and has developed a longitudinal resident curriculum on diagnostic error as co-PI of an American Academy of Medical Colleges Clinical Innovations Challenge AwardDr. Ruedinger was also involved in the creation of a publicly available online course for medical students on diagnostic error, DX: Diagnostic Excellence, developed through the non-profit MedUShe has presented workshops on topics of diagnostic error and medical decision-making in multiple institutions and national meetings.